Our Story

Tom Davis Saloon

Welcome to Tom Davis Saloon! My name is Chrissy French, owner here at Tom Davis Saloon. I have worked and owned businesses here in Downtown Loveland for almost 30 years. You may have heard of some of my other establishments, Cactus Grille and Wicked Tequila Room. I have always thought the one thing downtown needed was a good old Honky-Tonk. That’s what sparked the idea for Tom Davis Saloon! I wanted to bring a fun, lively country place to the hardworking people of Loveland. Cold beers, fun games, Live music, a large dance floor and delicious cocktails are exactly what you will get here at the new Tom Davis Saloon!

You may ask, who was Tom Davis? Well, let me explain. My husband, Josh French, has owned a concrete company called French Concrete in Loveland since 1997. Tom Davis was the General Manger of Johnstown ready mix. The 2 of them met many years ago and the friendship they started was truly amazing. Al (as Josh called him because he looked like Al from the show Home Improvement), became a member of the family. He was like a brother to my husband. They had a bond that no one could understand, and everyone was fond of. When my time came to finally become an owner of my own restaurant is 2013, I went to Tom to ask him for help with funding. You must understand, Tom was such a force of talent and personality and had accomplished so many amazing things in his life. He intimidated me! When he handed me the check, he looked at me and said “this is for you. Not your father, not your husband, it’s for you. I want to see what you can do. Spread your wings and fly”. Having a man like Tom believe in me and believe in all the things I wanted to do was truly amazing. His belief in me pushed me to places I never thought I could go. I opened that restaurant called the Cactus Grille with my father in 2013. I then went on to open my own bar called Wicked Tequila Room in 2018 and I had the courage to start the project of a Honky-Tonk in downtown Loveland in 2019.

I have all of this because of many people but Tom’s belief in me has meant everything to me.

Tom left us in November of 2019. He was ripped from our lives tragically and suddenly. When he died, he left a huge hole in my husband, my family and every single person that had the honor of knowing him. So, of course I would name this new bar Tom Davis Saloon. It is a tribute to him, to his life and to everything he meant to us. In Tom’s life, he was a Boss, a son, a friend, a father, a brother, a mechanic, a jeep builder, a trucker, a drag racer, a blue-collar worker, a wheeler, and so much more. He was the giver of nick names, and the man that would be there for you if you ever needed him. This is for everyone that lost him that day and has had to live without him ever since. I hope you like it!